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  • About KISS and Love… to Your Job

    Posted in PodioProfy, Tips by PodioBox on Feb 14, 2023.

    You love your job. So – you love to speak and sometimes (you can confess, everyone will understand) speak too long. We will talk about presentation timing. Ah, less and less romantic! – you sigh. Yes, but time managing is one of the keys to success of your work and business.

  • 5 Steps to Use Friday p.m. For Your Success!

    Posted in Tips by PodioBox on Feb 10, 2023.

    We know how to use your Friday afternoon to be more inspired, motivated and successful next week. These tips also make you feel less stressed on Monday and be productive every day.

  • How to Train a Dragon: Event Organizing Stress

    Posted in PodioProfy on Feb 09, 2023.

    In 2016, CareerCast ranked event organizer as 5th most stressful professions, after a military man, fireman, pilot and police officer. It seems right. Your job really makes you nervous. Why?

  • PodioBox & Life Coaching: Way to Success

    Posted in PodioProfy on Feb 07, 2023.

    Life coaching is a modern trend in consulting activities. Coaching involves not only an individual work with a client, but also - collective life- and business trainings. How PodioBox can be useful for life coaches and their clients?

  • It's Never Too Late To Try New!

    Posted in PodioMotivation on Feb 06, 2023.

    Why we are so conservative? Why we feel uncomfortable when trying something new? This is one of the features of the human's psychic. We are naturally inclined to conservatism.

  • How to Earn (And Not Lose) Your Audience's Trust

    Posted in Tips by PodioBox on Feb 04, 2023.

    You want your audience to believe you. If you don't, why are you doing all this things? :) So, to earn your audience's trust, you need to motivate people in the right way and to speak convincingly.

  • 10 Things They Don't Like When You Present

    Posted in Tips by PodioBox on Feb 04, 2023.

    Most audiences - 5 or 5000 persons - have common problems, cause all of them are made of people with standard psychology and perception. Most of them have common likes and dislikes when talking about a lection or a presentation. Get some useful "dont's" from PodioBox.