How to Choose the Best Venue for Your Presentation?

You may brilliantly know the material of your presentation, look perfect and act charismatic on the stage. But this is not always enough for a great impression of your presentation.

It is very important to find the right venue where you will invite your target audience and where they will be located during your presentation, conference or event.

If your listeners do not have enough chairs, if the room is not clean or it is too cold, if they do not have the opportunity to settle comfortably, and you do not have the opportunity, for example, to brand the hall - all this reduces the positive emotions received during your presentation. If they have nowhere to park - the story will be the same. They will not like it. So, you should pay serious attention to the quality and location of your venue. Let's talk about this today.

What do you need to know about your event?

It sounds strange, but now you will understand what we mean. When you are looking to find and choose a venue for a conference, presentation or event, you must take into count YOUR factors. First, determine how much money you are willing to spend on the choice of location and organization of the event. Secondly, find out exactly how many participants plan to attend your presentation. Thirdly, understand the format of your performance, you need to clearly know what will it be, so that the style and atmosphere of the place will match the style and character of your company and your presentation.

Start surfing the Internet

It is best to study the places that are closer to you – in the nearest area, if the location of your company is well suited to your clients (the target audience lives and works side by side, or you work in the city center or other popular part of it). Try to find all possible options - go to their sites and social networks, study photos, conditions for events, customer reviews. Please note that negative reviews are often deleted on the sites, that's why you should pay attention to social accounts. The next stage is the study of more distant places. You can imagine this as circles - near, middle and distant. Choose distant locations only if you have a low budget. But you have to consider how comfortable it will be for your target audience to get to this place.

Since we've started, let's talk about the location

At first glance it may seem that the most important thing is to choose a place in the most prestigious and popular area. On the one hand, yes, on the other - it is not always so. It is important to pay attention to the fact that the location is convenient for your audience, and not just popular and expensive. If you invite mainly conference participants who will fly by plane and live in hotels, it will be much more convenient to choose a conference hall near their place of residence or transport interchanges. In this case, they do not need a center at all. If your business is located in a prestigious area, and your audience are the residents of this area or people who come there every day to work, then of course, you should choose a venue located in the same area.

Make sure the place is well accessible

It is very important that the venue is not just well located for your attendees, but it is also easily accessible, which means it is possible to easily find it, drive up to it,park the car at any convenient time without additional payment аor parking, and so on. Those who travel without a car or a taxi should be able to easily reach it (without many kilometers of walking) from public transport. It is desirable to equip the entrance and the room with seats and ramps for people with limited mobility.

Take care of convenience and comfort

The number of seats must be more than the number of participants, in case if someone wants to change seats or just more people come. People should be able to sit comfortably and without any discomfort and listen carefully with no distractions. Find out in advance how many people are able to accommodate the audience, whether there are places for people with limited mobility, whether all the safety rules in this room are observed in case of unforeseen circumstances. The building should be equipped with all useful conditions for your listeners, from the opportunity to drink clean water to the opportunity to visit a clean bathroom.

What about the technical component?

Good audibility and visibility are a must have. High-quality acoustics, a wide angle of the view (you should be seen perfectly from any place in the hall), the technical equipment of the conference should be high. Modern projectors and beamers, innovative and effective remote control tools for presentations, the possibility of users to join the discussion in not just on paper, but with the help of their own devices, all this is important. And if a good hall does not give you such an opportunity, bring it with you - use PodioBox presentation system. It does not need to be installed, the system works from the cloud. You can bring by yourself all that you need for your successful conference. So, it's time to choose the perfect place.


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