How to Give an Effective Presentation of a Service

What is the difference between a presentation of a product and a presentation of a service? Perhaps, there is no fundamental contrasts, but there are certain nuances in delivering of information to a potential customer.

These two types of presentations differ in accents - but if you don't know these accents, you may face the fact that the audience does not understand well enough why they should use your service, sign a long-term contract with you or contact you again. While people are not familiar with your service and don't know how beautiful it is, until they have got used to it and love it, you will need knowledge and skills of the presenter in order to tell about this service to the world.

How to Give Your Best Product Presentation Ever

Well, let's start with the basic nuances that will help you to take a different look at the presentation of services, in contrast to the products.

What is the difference? At the first glance, there isn't any, but if you look closely...

You should "show" it in words

A customer can't touch a service. He can't take the service to his hands, turn it around and examine it from all sides, can't use it, for example, to pay in a store or wash his clothes. All this greatly complicates the sale process. What do you sell? In fact, a kind of virtual action that your client doesn't see and doesn't feel.

What is important to know? You need to show maximum patience and radiate positive emotions (or it should be done by your sales manager) in order to sell the service to your customer. While he can't get it, your task is to describe in detail, "show" it in words and with the help of a well-designed and well-held presentation, so that he understands what is waiting for him for his money.

You should represent yourself

A product has less relation to a specific person. It was bought once and a customer forgot about those who sold it (unless systematic maintenance is required, but in this case the team usually works, not the product creator). The product can be developed and produced by a talented geek who does not make a haircut or manicure, and has no communication at all. The service is always very closely connected with the seller, whether it is a business owner or his manager.

What is important to know? If you sell world tours or offer services of a stylist, you should make the most pleasant impression, so that you want to apply to you. Therefore, you (or your manager, your employees - those who directly render the service) should be client-oriented, demonstrate openness and readiness to solve the problem and answer questions, be able to communicate with various types of customers, be non-conflictful and positive person.

You should guarantee the quality

If the product you bought is good at once and for a long time, people are not always sure of the quality of the service. For example, today they can get a well-done manicure, and tomorrow it will be not so good. Today office cleaning can be made of high quality, and tomorrow another team will arrive or staff will have a bad mood - and the quality will be different. The boss often does not even know about it.

What is important to know? Therefore it is a very must to monitor the quality of work regularly, to get feedback from users, to communicate with them independently, to be able to work with objections. It is necessary to formulate a policy of communication - how you or your employees respond to complaints, what you write answering to a positive feedback. And always stick to a single line, focusing on the customer. Very often you can make your most loyal friends with the unsatisfied customers.

What should you say and do in your presentation to show the service "face" to the client?

First and foremost - to present a high-class expert opinion. We are sure that while creating the idea of a service, implementing it in practice, you have very carefully studied your niche of work and all sorts of accents of this type of activity. Forget about the answers "I don't know", this significantly reduces the possibility of success of the selling presentation. Think about how to answer difficult questions. You have to answer the maximum of them brilliantly.

Talk about the benefits. No one cares about functions as well, if people don't know how exactly they are going to use them and what they will get as a result. A service is a way of solving a client's problem. Show them step by step how you are going to solve this problem. Tell them about what customer problems you have already solved. Give examples of reviews (with the permission of their authors), but without pathos and bragging - it should look elegant and be read with dignity.

Talk about the future.What will the client receive as a result? Why it would be better for him to come back to you for more? What are the prospects for your service? Convince him that you will stay close to him, and if he has any questions or problems with the quality of your service, you will be ready to quickly understand the situation and do everything possible to make him happy.

And remember: for the success of your service, you should keep promises and always ensure the highest possible quality of the service.

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