How to Present Your Product to Big Companies

You have created a product or service. The work is completed, and now the most difficult and the most interesting is going to happen.

It is necessary to make sure that your creation starts to bring you money. You decide to sell your product or offer a service to a big company. What problems can you face? What do you need to know about this type of presentation? How to build your speech and whom to contact to make a deal? Let's talk about this.

Prepare presentation materials

You should prepare several presentation types. Most likely, you will be given the opportunity to hold a long presentation (15 minutes or more) at the very end, when the final decision on the purchase will be made by the board of directors or other decision-makers in this company. To begin with, you will need a 60-second presentation or even a shorter one, with which you can briefly, clearly and very quickly show the benefits of your product or service and explain why they should buy or order what you produce. You should be ready to tell this information to any company's representative. You'll need a demo video or information brochure - a short and capacious source of visual information that you can send by mail, and that does not require a long time to watch. Provide yourself with a high-quality website, business cards and booklets - all information should be open and easily accessible at any time.

Find the decision maker

In big companies it is not necessary to talk to the director, if the destiny of his business does not depend on the purchase of your product. It is impossible to predict who exactly will be the decisive person you should apply to. In some companies this work is made by the top managers, in others – by the PR or marketing leaders, sometimes this is about the leaders of the purchasing or sales departments, and even the advertising one. It all depends on your product or service, as well as on the specifics of the company you are going to work with. In any case, any business consists of people - and your direct customer will always be a person. Take time and find the one who is responsible for decisions. You will save yourself from long and meaningless conversations with other employees and increase chances of a positive decision.

Try to meet before selling

Meet and communicate with an important representative of the company - it always works better, because people tend to buy if they know their seller personally. In this regard, the ideal will be to look for potential customers at meetings, exhibitions, conferences and other professional events that involve, among other things, informal way of communication. Always have business cards and handouts, a prepared short speech - all this will help them to remember you. Think about what exactly could attract the attention of this person.

Be unique

It is important to know that any of these professionals receive a huge number of proposals every day. According to the decision makers' interviews, they do not like this part of the work and try to get rid of it as soon as possible, therefore most of the offers are viewed very quickly. The problem is also that most of the proposals are the same. Make your presentation different from other ones, and you will increase your chances of being noticed. You can also schedule a meeting by phone, explaining it with a collaboration proposition. But try not to talk too much - personal communication always works better.

What to tell in the presentation

You should mention such factors:

  • advantages of your product over others;
  • is most beneficial and interesting options are the problems that your product or service will solve for them;
  • the opportunities that the company will receive with your product;
  • pricing and commercial offer;
  • support, discounts and other bonuses for this company (even if in fact for all others too).

Be ready to answer questions (any possible questions about your product!), and also to work with objections that the price is too high or this company generally does not need such a product – if you've studied their occupation well, you know they do (or you don't go to them, btw). Think through all the options for answers and persuasive ideas, so you won't get lost.

Prepare for waiting

As we have already said, big companies receive a huge number of ideas, videos, audio, texts and presentations every day. Even in order to see all this at least once, it takes a very long time. To highlight the most interesting, to discuss and leave the most profitable ones, the company's team will have to work hard, and this is also not one or three days. And if you are going to receive a specific decision - waiting (sometimes long) will take place in most cases. You will be asked to wait before being asked to make a presentation. You will be asked to wait before deciding whether to buy your product or not. Well, these are the rules of the game, and if you play it, you should follow it.

Do not give up and you'll make this deal!

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Posted in PodioProfy on Jul 06, 2023.