The Secret Super Power of Your Presentation

Ok, that may be not a secret, though... :) Have you ever dreamed of a magic wand, superpower or other fantastic "helper" that would make your performance brilliant? It is more realistic than it seems!

Let's play. Imagine that you can do absolutely everything. What would your presenter's dream look like? Perfect and impeccable presentation to a crowd of people? Imagine it from the beginning to the end - here you take a deep breath and go on the stage, then you start speaking...

At first, their attention may be scattered, they look at the stage with no interest. Then they start to listen more and more attentively, they begin to get involved in the performance more actively with every minute, they nod, they finish the phrases that you started to say. By the end of the performance, you are the Super Hero of this evening. Standing applause is the best reward for an excellent presentation, and new customers and contacts are a pleasant bonus that you will get in a huge amount. Think about it - psychologists say that your confidence in success, your positive attitude towards your own performances play an important role in their results.

Break this picture into details. Where can problems arise and how to solve them? It is advisable to think about such situations in advance, so as not to disrupt the course of your brilliant presentation.

You may make a mistake – you are not a robot. Prepare as best as you can, study your material from different angles and aspects, rehearse it several times to a high level of quality. You may come to the presentation tired, and you simply will not have the opportunity to light up the audience and fill it with energy. Work on your condition beforehand, make sure that you have enough sleep, good nutrition and you are not involved in bad habits. Dress to feel confident. You may not know how to answer questions. We have talked about this many times - it happens. If this does not apply to all questions, you can invite the audience to find the answers together.

These are the most common problems that every speaker fears of. And in each of these cases, if it happens, you can do something by yourself. It's your Super Power, and it's in your hands.You can use it against the enemies of your presentation – bad preparation, mistakes, blunders, fatigue, lack of interest.

However, there is an enemy difficult to fight with, if you haven't got a proper and powerful weapon long before the performance. It's about technology.

Here you are in a conventional superhero costume, filled with knowledge and energy, standing in front of a huge audience. You are ready to hit them with your Super Power - get rid of all the above enemies of a good presentation and win new admirers of your superhero talent.

And then ... For example, the projector does not work. Or devices categorically refuse to be combined with each other. Or you have to do a whole series of unnecessary moves on the screen to adjust everything - and each move is seen by every your listener, filling with impatience: well, when will he just start the presentation? How long can we wait? What happened this time?

Agree, the situation is unpleasant. And it can be prevented.

The most powerful source of Super Power for your presentation, your secret magic wand is the PodioBox Tool. This magical thing is hiding even in the smallest gadget - a smartphone, a tablet and even your Apple Watch.

  1. Your presentation is already there. You do not need to install anything, struggle with compatibility, look for a quality Wi-Fi signal, arrange cameras around the room and run from one projector to another. Everything is already in PodioBox Tool!

  2. As Spiderman releases the magic web from his hand, you can open your Super Power to the audience and share a piece of magic with them.

  3. Absolutely everyone can join the process by connecting to the cloud of PodioBox through their own device (all the same smartphones, or laptops or tablets) and become an active participant in saving of the planet (well, of your important presentation :)) from the disaster.

  4. You can share documents, videos and audio materials, conduct polls and surveys, broadcast live video in real time, set up automatic playback of any information, actively connect listeners to the presentation process, work with the cloud... And this is only part of all possibilities (full list here).

  5. With the help of PodioBox as a remote, you can control the process as a real superhero - and your listeners will be amazed by your Super Power!

Believe, they will remember this game and will be impressed!

We all love to play, and using the image of Superman in this article is not accidental. Even the most serious business owners in strict suits, inside themselves are still curious children and teenagers. Therefore, they will certainly like to relieve tension and take part in your game, while having fun, very actively participating in the presentation and receiving all the benefits - knowledge, skills, ideas, new projects and opportunities.

This is a unique chance to combine the seriousness of your business and the Super Power of a fantastic hero. Every single person in the hall dreams of being at your place! PodioBox is a magic device that will be your pass to the world of successful presentations. Use it as a key to opening the box with impressions on every your performance. By the way you can try it for FREE - unbelievable!


Good luck and have new brilliant discoveries!

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