What Makes Your Presentation Memorable?

The first thing is to remember it well by yourself :) It is, of course, a joke, but there is a piece of truth in it. What will help you make the presentation memorable and effective if you really know it already well?

A good presentation is almost never an improvisation. In general, it is better not to improvise until you become a recognized guru of public speaking and a brilliant expert in creating of great presentations.

Your presentation should be very carefully prepared and scheduled for every minute. You have to train with the timer in your hands and pay attention to everything - what do you say, how do you say, how do you stand and move etc.

We have been already telling you about it for several months and we are sure that you know what it is about. And if not, study our blog from the beginning. Well, let's start.

Engage everyone

Probably, you remember this interesting psychological effect from school days. If the teacher simply told you how to perform a particular task correctly, you could only remember a part - a maximum of 30% of all the information heard. But a completely different matter is if you were allowed to participate in the process of completing the task or it was the part of the lesson program. It is proved that skills and knowledge acquired as a result of the person's own participation are memorized and fixed 2-3 times more reliable than in theory. Do you already understand how can this be used for your presentation? Engage people to the discussion!

With PodioBox you can make it much more effective than just with words. When you use this presentation tool, your listeners are actively involved in the process, using their own gadgets - phones, tablets, laptops and even Apple Watches. They are not just indifferent people in the hall, but the most active players in the fascinating game!

Think of the method of talking

Almost everyone is talking about telling stories. The rebels from the presentation world say that stories are not needed. You choose. What do you need to know? You should not fall into the extreme. The excitement around the stories is related to the fact that dry numbers are not very interesting to anyone, as well as indifferent details, narrated by an uninteresting style. Story is always fascinating, it makes a person closer to what is happening, always attracts much more attention. But if you are only telling stories, your listeners will decide that they came to the writer's creative evening - and that's not entirely the case. Keep the golden mean - let there be the necessary facts, and short and fascinating stories.

Use some hooks

We have already talked about how to hook the listener from the first minutes of your presentation. A hook is a certain phrase accompanied by an emotion that can quickly attract the attention of most people from your audience and help maintain this attention during the presentation. Think and plan your hooks in advance, and it's best to use them not only at the beginning, but also in different parts of the performance.

Show them the reality

Show, tell, teach - let your listeners see exactly how the knowledge gained at your presentation will be able to help them in their life or career (or other aspects that led them to this room to listen to your presentation). Make them not only participants of today's events with the help of PodioBox, as we wrote earlier. Take a tour to their past and ride a time machine in their - and your joint - future. Demonstrate everything in detail, let them understand why do they need it all. And then, when making a decision, they will be sure if it is correct.

Keep it simple

Even very highly educated and professional people experience difficulties if they have to get through a huge and confusing array of information. Let your thought be extremely simple and transparent. Do not expend the presentation for several hours, think through each phrase so that it is absolutely understandable to any listener, shorten the time - short, capacious, bright performances are always remembered much better than long, boring and filled with words ones.

Finish on a high note

Spies say that the last phrase is best remembered in the conversation. This works with the presentation, too. Imagine that you have superpowers to influence people and you want to be trusted and remembered. Make the ending of your presentation spectacular! We have already written about how it is best to finish it, but from ourselves we advise you to use a bright fact, a vivid phrase or quote, a bright and noticeable motivation. For this to happen, do not transfer the question and answer session to the final time, distribute it according to the text - with PodioBox it's easy. Let the finale be as you planned it, and believe - it will impress and help to remember your presentation!

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Posted in PodioMotivation, Tips by PodioBox on Jul 31, 2023.